Tuesday, August 28, 2012


This is just a follow up on the Grow up one I wrote yesterday. Yesterday we both had a meeting with our supervisor. Turns out he was not calling them at all to talk about why he did not come in for work. During this month he missed about three days all three he told me he was sick. I think he is in trouble for not calling then and tilling the situation. Even after having  the meeting we had yesterday, he did not even bother to show up. I do not know if he is quitting or what. I guess I will have to wait until we have our staff meeting tonight. Overall I feel really guilty  even though I have been told I am doing the right thing, I don't like telling on others. I guess that is my weakness I can bee too nice, that is something I have been trying to work on.  For those who had read the article I did on my natural hair I have a new pic!

YES! My hair has grown a bit since I did that post! I am so excited, I have not measured my hair length since then which was two months ago and now. I plan to write another post in that section. I tend to spend more time writing post here, but I will put another post up for that soon. Anyway if you have situation's like the one I am having  at work or even at school, write a comment. I would love to read then and write back.

Living Life, Taking Chances

Sabrina Johnson

Sunday, August 19, 2012

busy, busy, busy

Hmmm..... I thought that things would be a bit simpler when I returned home, but not quite. I had plans to get a part-time job and a full time job to raise money for me to work overseas. I want to raise some money to teach overseas it has been something I wanted to do since I was in college. It has been a little harder than what I planed in my head. I have a part-time job where I work with younger children before and after school, but I have yet to find a full time job.

I am not going to complain though, I know I will eventually find that second job. I just have to keep trying. I know life is hard If you give up at every little bump you never get anywhere. Overall I am still on the search for a second job. Other projects I am working on other that is, I and working on learning another language. I have always wanted to learn another language, and since I am not in school anymore I am using this time to keep learning and lean a new language. For those who are in education, you know how important it is to keep learning even though you done with school . I love studying and learning new things, so I am very excited about doing something new.

Yes! I do plan to learn Korean. I want to work overseas in South Korea, so it would make since to learn the language. I do know the basics right now as to introducing myself, asking questions, and I know certain words. I hope to be able to read and hold a conversation before I leave the states. Are you guys trying learning a new language? Leave a comment below. I would like to hear about it.

Living Life, Taking Chances

Sabrina Johnson

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's been a while

Hey it has been a while, but I am not dead. I have just been really busy. I am just going to get right to the point. I just finished my Masters! I am very excited. Right now I am currently waiting on my grades to be posted, and my diploma  to be sent to my house. As of right now I am looking for a full time job. It has been pretty hard but, I am not the type to give up. I am currently working part-time for communities and schools. I start my first day of work today, and I am soo excited. I guess you can tell considering I work at 6:30a.m. today and I am up at 12:00a.m. writing this blog because I can not sleep. I'M SO EXCITED! I am working with children, and that is something I truly enjoy doing.

The only thing that I find weird is I have to move back home. I have not lived at home since I went off to college in fall of 2007 so it's been about five years. The only thing that upsets me being home is, since I have been gone for so long my mom decided to use my room as storage. The first three weeks home I was camping out in the living room with all my stuff trying to finish my research work for my professor.

This past weekend I decided to give my room a makeover. I felt like it was a much need make over. I have pics from with I was painting, but I do not have what my room looked like before. I guess I will let fill you in on how much my room needed a make-over. Before I did the make- over I had posters all over my room. This might not be a problem everyone has posters in there room, but people do not have N'SYNC posters still hanging around or Kobe posters from where he was a rookie and wore number 8.

After painting I had paint pretty much everywhere on me, and it took forever to scrub it all off. I still had fun painting thoug.

 Anyway it took two days to move things out of my room, paint, and assembling, furniture, and then moving things back into my room. Still, I am satisfied with the finished product.

I know I have kingdom hearts on my screen and a Simba doll beside it, but I enjoy playing video games especially kingdom hearts, and the lion king is my favorite movie. Anyway if you have anything you want answered or have an experiences similar to what I just talked about, let me know. I would love to read them and comment, anyway take care guys! ^_^

Living Life, Taking Chances 

Sabrina Johnson