Sunday, September 23, 2012

hey guys

Hello guys!

It has been a while, I apologize. I have been busy with work and just recently, I decided to start studying for Praxis I. I feel like I need to start getting certified. I have my masters but not my certification, so I think it is the time to start getting that done. I am not going to take the test until December though. Overall I love my job. I do have kids that I want to strangle, but for the most part my kids are pretty good. I am currently looking for a second job so I can start saving money for when I go overseas. I has been a little hard because, I still pay bills and about half of my check goes towards that, and I have other things I need to pay for. I am not going to worry about it, because I will find the second job it is going to take time. I already have a full time job, just need a part- time job for after work.

Good news! If you have seen my older pics for my hair when I cut it back in march, you can see it has gotten a lot longer. When straighten my hair reach my shoulders now. So if there is anything you guys want to ask about life or just questions on natural hair, hit the comment section. I would love to answer them. I also have a tumbler and a twitter follow me or send in questions. Also for those who are wondering how my Korean is going, it is going well! See you later guys! 안녕!

Living Life, Taking Chances

Sabrina Johnson

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Having Natural Hair

Well I guess I plan to talk about my transition from perm to natural hair. First off I did the transition, I refused to do the big chop! I spent the all of 2011 cutting perm out little by little. When I had finished my basketball season in March 2012 I cut the rest of it out. The problem that I had in the beginning was rocking my natural hair. I spent the beginning of my transition straightening  my hair out. I played ball that whole year so that took a toll on my hair, because of the sweat, and again I kept straightening it out because I did not want my hair frizzy and puffy all the time.

I would say that whole year was an experiment year. I say that because I made a lot of mistakes. The biggest would be all the heat I had put to my hair, causing split ends. I used some products that did not help my hair and example BB hair oil, this ended up clogged my pores, and broke my hair off. Through all the trail and error I would say things have been better. I now do wash an go's and that is currently my go to hair style right now. I have been staying away from my blow dryer and straightener. Overall the end result is me being more confident in my natural hair. Honestly I have heard that people like my curly hair more than my straight hair.

My hair type is between a 3c/4a, If you are curious about what that looks like here is the link ( The products that I have been using on my hair would be coconut oil, or carrot oil at times. Lately I have been using stuff from Lustrasilk there Curl Max products. It has really helped with defining my curls. The shampoo/ conditioner I have been using is Simply U, they usually sell the products that I mention at Walmart.

Overall, I feel like I have gotten a better handle on taking care of my hair. I feel like I am also confident on answering questions that anyone may have. Still I could only base this off my own experience. I feel like products that work for me may not work for others. I hopefully at a later date I can give my reviews on certain products that I have used. Right now the stuff I am using right now is working, but I may experiment with something else later on. If you have any questions leave a comment and I will try to give a response.

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Sabrina Johnson

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hello! :)

Hey y'all!
I am just in a really good mood. I love what I do at school and the kids I work with. I decided to take this year to work and learn before I try to go overseas to teach, and overall it was a good decision. Many of the teachers I worked with have been very nice, and have given me good advice for when I start teaching. Other things that are going on is, I have three different blogs, and I am thinking of just adding them all to this on since, I get more views here than on my others.

I finally received my degree in the mail this week!! I am so excited!! ^_^ I still have not done student teaching or taking the PRAXIS, but I do plan to get that done this winter. There has been so much going on, and I have been really busy. I is not a bad thing though, I rather be busy than bored lol. I plan to keep this short so if there is anything you want to know or ask just leave a comment, and I will reply back. 

Living Life, Taking Chances 

Sabrina Johnson <3

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sad day and new developments

Sorry it has been a while. I wanted to update you guys on last week. Well lets start with the sad news. Monday was my last day at my part time job. I figured out that the new job I have conflicts with the times I go in for my part-time job. I told my supervisor I had to leave, and she was very understanding. I did go in though and said goodbye to my kids. They a couple of they gave me hugs, but I was very sad I had to leave. I worked there for about a month, and was getting to know, and forming relationships with the children, and there parents. I will truly miss working there, but I had to find a full time job, I could not just work a part-time job. On a lighter note, I really enjoy my new job. Everyone is very nice and love the atmosphere. It was a little overwhelming at first, especially with everyone introducing themselves to me. I pretty much have to start all over this week with the names, because I do not remember them all. Well if anyone has anything you want to talk about, write in the comment box. I would love to hear from you guys.

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Good ending to a crazy week!

Hey guys,

I just wanted to write an update to last week. As you read in my last post, I was having a few issues with my co-worker and I had a meeting with my supervisor. Well the good news I have was I had two interviews for Para Educator jobs. I am happy Friday I was finally hired! I am so happy I had a ton of drama go on last week, and this was a great pick me up. I was caught off guard though. I had an interview Thursday, and was on my way to work. Before I even walked in they called and said they were very impressed by my interview, and would love for me to work for them.  I start tomorrow I am super excited. This is just an update I will fill you guys in on any future developments.

Living Life, Taking Chances

Sabrina Johnson