Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hello! :)

Hey y'all!
I am just in a really good mood. I love what I do at school and the kids I work with. I decided to take this year to work and learn before I try to go overseas to teach, and overall it was a good decision. Many of the teachers I worked with have been very nice, and have given me good advice for when I start teaching. Other things that are going on is, I have three different blogs, and I am thinking of just adding them all to this on since, I get more views here than on my others.

I finally received my degree in the mail this week!! I am so excited!! ^_^ I still have not done student teaching or taking the PRAXIS, but I do plan to get that done this winter. There has been so much going on, and I have been really busy. I is not a bad thing though, I rather be busy than bored lol. I plan to keep this short so if there is anything you want to know or ask just leave a comment, and I will reply back. 

Living Life, Taking Chances 

Sabrina Johnson <3

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