Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sad day and new developments

Sorry it has been a while. I wanted to update you guys on last week. Well lets start with the sad news. Monday was my last day at my part time job. I figured out that the new job I have conflicts with the times I go in for my part-time job. I told my supervisor I had to leave, and she was very understanding. I did go in though and said goodbye to my kids. They a couple of they gave me hugs, but I was very sad I had to leave. I worked there for about a month, and was getting to know, and forming relationships with the children, and there parents. I will truly miss working there, but I had to find a full time job, I could not just work a part-time job. On a lighter note, I really enjoy my new job. Everyone is very nice and love the atmosphere. It was a little overwhelming at first, especially with everyone introducing themselves to me. I pretty much have to start all over this week with the names, because I do not remember them all. Well if anyone has anything you want to talk about, write in the comment box. I would love to hear from you guys.

Living Life, Taking Chances   

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